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Growing into the Light is a meeting place for Lightworkers, where you can access our Online courses, live workshops and Individual Coaching Sessions. You can also share your experiences and ask questions by using our contact page.

You never need to feel that you tread this path alone – we are happy to answer any email questions and send Healing energy at your request.

In the Foundation Course, in which you can practise creating the life that you dream of living. We have further courses which expand on topics in the Foundation Course.

For those who practise the exercises, success will be an increased feeling of well-being and a delight in the life they are creating.

Modern metaphysics works with the concept that you create your reality by your ideas, attitudes, thoughts and beliefs.

You do not have to agree with everything – and you can adapt and interpret the ideas to suit your own belief system. However, it is the foundation of living a metaphysical life that we take responsibility for manifesting a life that is in balance, where you are neither a victim of circumstance nor a martyr of sacrifice to others. The essential you, your soul, is here on an adventure in consciousness, learning how to live in a material world.

Enjoy the journey of increasing your awareness and creating “miracles” in your life!

I am a limitless being – I can create whatever I want

In the Foundation course, you will learn how to manifest. By focusing on your dreams and goals and working through your inner blockages, you can create the life of your dreams and add to the joy and aliveness in the world.

We are pleased to offer workshops to a world-wide audience and hope to meet some of you in person at our live workshops, or at our personal coaching.

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