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The Foundation Course

The Foundation Course for Growing into the Light

This is a foundation course in metaphysics which will help you to create the life of your dreams.

It is an eight-week personal coaching programme, consisting of eight main parts, with one part delivered each week by email.

Modern metaphysics works with the concept that you create your reality by your ideas, attitudes, thoughts and beliefs.  By focusing on your dreams and goals and working through your fears and inner blockages, you can create the life of your dreams and add to the joy and aliveness in the world.

This is a substantial course, of 112 pages with 8 main sections and 48 topics.

Here are the topics included in this Foundation Course:

What is this Life?
Life is a dream
What do you want
Four levels of reality
Inner work
Process for manifesting

Listening to the Whispers
Body language
A magical home
Work you love
The three selves
Inner work

Inner Blockages
Core beliefs
Doubts and fears
Finding your power place

Intuition and Unseen Friends
Learning to trust your own inner guidance
Real or imaginary?
Making the connection
Devic realm
Inner work

Healing your life
Integration and trust
Discernment and acceptance
Relaxation and raising your vibrations
Breathing visualisation
Return of the Goddess
Inner work

Love, Gratitude and Wholeness
Soul friends
Inner work

Becoming a Lightworker
What is a Lightworker
How to become a Lightworker
What work is done by a Lightworker
Inner work

Holding the Vision, Healing the World
You've got to have a dream
Listening to your heart and soul
Life review
Inner work - treasure map
Spiritual laws
Inner journey to meet your future self
Global shift
The secrets of manifesting

This workshop includes coaching, so  there are ‘Inner Work’ exercises throughout the course.  You are encouraged to perform this Inner Work and to let us know how you are progressing by using our Contact Form.

Additionally, we are very pleased to receive questions, suggestions and comments via the Contact Form as you work through the course.  This is a totally private and confidential form of communication with us and enables us to provide continuing support to you.

There is a one-time charge of £17 (GBP) for the Foundation course.

Please click on the payment button below and you will receive the Table of Contents and the first lesson by email. You can read the course online and download it to your computer.

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